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Our T-N-V-R Strategy

spay operation at monthly clinic Trap - Trap cats safely in humane traps
Neuter - Neuter cats that have been trapped
Vaccinate - Vaccinate against rabies and distemper
Return - Return cats to their original location with a caretaker to monitor the colony

Monthly Clinics

To help reduce the feral cat population, SOS holds monthly spay/neuter clinics at the office of Dr. Paul Phillips (3520 South Main St Rd, Batavia), and follows a successful Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) strategy. Please see the "Cats that Qualify" or "The Actual Process" sections below to see if your feral cat is eligible for this program, or to read more about the whole trapping-to-clinic process. Cost is a $40.00 donation per cat, although discounts are available to those in need. The following clinical services will be provided by a group of qualified volunteers to each cat:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Anesthesia & pain control
  • Dissolvable sutures
  • Rabies & distemper vaccinations
  • Flea treatment & deworming
  • Mandatory Ear tipping under anesthesia (a universal symbol - clipping the tip off the left ear identifying him/her as neutered)
feral colony arrives at monthly clinic

Cats That Qualify

The following cats qualify for the monthly clinics: true feral, unsocialized cats living in or around barns, gas stations, restaurants, city neighborhoods, etc. Also accepted are stray unowned cats, living outside the home or in barns, that people feed.

Cats that do NOT qualify for monthly clinics are: cats that are pets, any cats living in people's homes, or any owned cat or socialized stray cat that will be adopted. Other sources of population-control are available in these instances. See our Low Cost Spay & Neuter page for more information about other options.

neutering procedure at monthly clinic

The Actual Process

If you have a cat in your area that qualifies for the Spay Our Strays program, contact an SOS representative via the email link below ( Do not trap the cat, as the cat will be placed on a clinic waiting list at this point. Clinics are typically run once a month, processing approximately 15 cats at a time. As soon as a clinic date is determined, you will be notified and you should prepare to trap the cat. An excellent trapping and SOS clinic-preparation guide can be viewed or printed here. If you do not have a way to trap the cat, SOS can loan you humane traps. It is your responsibility to take the cat to the office of Dr. Paul Phillips (3520 South Main St Rd, Batavia) by 1pm on the date of the clinic. A donation of $40/cat to Spay our Strays is expected when you drop the cat off at the clinic. Financial assistance may be available to defer part of this cost, so please do contact us and ask in advance. Prepare to pick the cat up from the clinic at the specified time and plan on releasing the animal back into its familiar environment the next day. In cold weather, the animals should be kept in their traps in a heated area overnight following surgery. At this point, you should pat yourself on the back because thanks to all of YOUR effort and a small donation, you have just put a stop to the potential pain and suffering of literally hundreds of feral cats.

Extensive humane trapping instructions (including how to trap difficult cats) can be found here, at the Feral Cat FOCUS website.

How to minimally bait a feral cat trap

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Catching difficult or resistant feral cats

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"I feel very passionate about the service that SOS provides. We have a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers.
Equally important are the compassionate individuals who contact SOS about the stray and feral cats.
I have had the privilege of meeting and working with extremely caring animal lovers from our community ..."
Kathy ~ Spay our Strays

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