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Curious Georgie's Story

Stories told by Kathy Schwenk from SOS

Curious Georgie Shortly before Christmas, I happened to be at Petco helping with a cat adoption when Lisa came in looking for a white kitten for her mother, Della. Her elderly white cat, Sammy, had passed away a few months ago. Lisa just knew her mom was ready for another cat, even though Della wasn't sure she was ready. Since being a widow, Sammy had been her constant companion. Her large house had become a lonely place without Sammy.

I suggested Freddie and Louie, two tiger and white brothers. They had been looking for a home for several months and had been together since they were born. We were trying to get the boys adopted together. They were the only two that remotely fit the description, but Lisa decided that two 7 month old cats would be too much for her mom.

In the meantime, I had received a call from Justin, a young man who lives at an apartment complex where several ferals eat from a dumpster. Justin had spotted two kittens around the dumpster. He had been trying to capture the kittens for about three weeks but was unsuccessful. They were too afraid to trust a human, but would they be able to resist some smelly wet cat food in a humane trap? Within about one hour after setting the trap, I caught the most gorgeous blue eyed, seal point, brown and tan Siamese colored two month old kitten! A few minutes later his beautiful black sister was in another trap.

It was the best feeling in the world to get these two month old babies out of the cold, snowy dumpster. Foster moms Jennifer and Cassie welcomed the siblings into their home. These kittens did not act like feral kittens. They must have had some human contact, as they were very loving. It was quite disturbing to think that someone had abandoned these kittens out in the cold.

Well, sometimes you get a hunch and you just have to go with it. I kept thinking that our Siamese boy might be the purr-fect fit for Della. Maybe it was Sammy who was whispering in my ear. I called Lisa and told her about our dumpster kitten. I sent a photo to her so her entire family could see our little SOS beauty. After all, this kitten was going to be a present from everyone. After some discussion, Della's family decided this was the kitten!

foster mom Jennifer holding Curious Georgie & Diva Lisa made arrangements with Jenn to pick up "Curious Georgie" on Christmas Eve. When Lisa's family gave George to Della, she was crying and laughing. She said she hadn't felt like this since her family had presented her with a photo of her and her husband on their honeymoon at the World's Fair. Della kept proclaiming with laughter and tears, "I have a little boy, little Georgie!"

Georgie has warmed the hearts of his entire extended family. Lisa's sister Denise is his godmother. Denise's little girl, Ciara loves to play with Georgie. In fact, when Denise had to end a phone call to Lisa quickly when Ciara was wrapping Georgie in a blanket, just a little to tightly. They visit Georgie and Della daily. Molly, Lisa's dog also loves to visit Georgie. Molly and Georgie are quite the couple. Della always has a new Curious George adventure to talk about. Last I heard he was climbing the curtains like he was on Mount Everest. He loves to play and is totally spoiled. Lisa describes Georgie's adoption as a huge success! In the words of Lisa, "Georgie couldn't be any more loved and will always have a really good home!"

Dumpster Diva's Story

Diva When foster mom Jennifer took our little black dumpster girl into foster with her brother Georgie, she noticed a "cat-a-tude attitude" almost immediately. It was because of that atttitude that Jennnifer really grew fond of this black kitten as she explained, "Her name had to be Diva. There just wasn't any other choice. She just acts likes such a little Diva." Diva really tugged at Jennifer's heart strings. This was the closest she and her daughter Cassie had come to keeping one of their foster kitties.

Diva finally arrived at the Genesee County Animal Shelter, ready for adoption. I promised Jennifer that I would find her a wonderful home. It was December 23 and I had another "hunch'. As you know by now, I have to go with my hunches. I decided to help out at the shelter during adoption hours because I had a feeling that I might be able to help Diva find a home for Christmas.

Just after I arrived at the shelter, a wonderful woman, Gretchen walked in with her three year old daughter Emily. They had to put down their elderly cat but were now ready for a new family member. It was Emily's birthday and Gretchen wanted to adopt one, maybe two female kittens for Em. I showed them all of our little girl kittens and Diva's story started tugging at Gretchen's heart strings. They also found a sweet tiger and white kitten that Em really liked.

Daisy When we put the two kittens together, Diva started acting like a diva, hissing at the little tiger. My heart sank, thinking Gretchen would no longer want to adopt her. Suddenly, a huge smile came over me when Gretchen said, "I'll take both of them." It was time to do the paperwork for the adoption, after all these kittens had Em's birthday party to attend in just a couple of hours.

In fact, Diva and Daisy will have many parties to attend. Emily loves to have tea parties and these two would now be on the on the "A" list as the most coveted guests for Emily's tea parties. Emily now carries Daisy around calling her "my baby." Although Diva will always be a "diva" she now goes by the name Minnie. As it turns out, Daisy is more out going than Minnie. Daisy is helping Minnie adjust to her new home.

Thanks to Gretchen and Emily, Diva (Minnie) and Daisy went home for Christmas and their future is very bright. Last I heard they were sipping chamomile tea, planning Emily's next birthday party and napping by the fireplace.

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