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Charlie's Story

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Charlie was rescued from an over-population situation, but he originally wasn't sure if it was the right move for him. He quickly decided it was for the best, and he is now enjoying his life with his new family of humans, and he even has a girlfriend! Click here to read Charlie's entire story, and to view more photographs of him and Ebony, the love of his life.

Charlie in his dishpan

Teddy's Story

My name is Teddy and I’m Charlie’s look-a-like brother. I wonder if Charlie has 24 toes like I do. I was rescued by a nice lady, Kathy, who arranged to have me neutered. Ordinarily I would have been released where I was found but my purr convinced Kathy I would make a wonderful pet. I was adopted by my new mom, Ann, in January of 2009. We live with her cat, Scruffy, who is at least 17 years old. I follow Ann EVERYWHERE she goes. I sit on the toilet when she takes a shower. No matter where she goes I am right beside her. I finally decided to sit on her lap when she settles down in the evening. This makes her very happy. I also go upstairs and bring down all my toys, especially the “fishing poles” with wonderful feathers or yarn on the end. One day I brought three down, one right after the other. I have Ann trained to play with me using a pole every night before we go to bed. My favorite pastime is jumping on the kitchen counter which drives her crazy. It’s fun to see her get to excited. I can tell she really loves me. I’m sitting on her computer table right now purring my buns off. I’m a little jealous of Charlie because he’s found his soul mate, but maybe I found mine in Ann. My Ann has convinced me that she loves me more than anybody else could. I’m so lucky, but so is she.

Midnight (with Hope)

Midnight's Story

Midnight's mother was a stray that fed out of the dumpster at Batavia Nursing Home. Caring employees started feeding her outside at the picnic table where they take their breaks. When Midnight was born, her mother would bring her and the other kittens with her to beg for food. The kittens wouldn't allow anyone to get close enough to capture them, but our SOS expert, Kathy, was able to trap them. The kittens were about 6 weeks old.

Kathy took them into the nursing home where the residents loved them, and one of the nurses adopted one. Foster mom Jenn socialized Midnight and the others. Midnight's Momma was spayed and returned to her familiar home. Midnight and her siblings were all adopted out.

Midnight's new parents say she is a purring machine. She cuddles on their shoulders and sleeps with them. They adore her gold eyes, and are absolutely in love with her. We suspect the feeling is mutual.

Curious Georgie & Diva

Curious Georgie and Diva's Story

There is nothing sadder than than the loss of a dearly loved elderly cat. Sometimes, experiencing the joy once again of loving a new kitten can be all the heart needs to finish healing. The memory of a lost pet never dies, but continues to live on through the everlasting love of good pet owners.

Curious Georgie and Diva were both SOS kittens recently adopted into homes that experienced such losses. Click here to read more about their stories.


A letter to the editor

By Dawn Callari

We’ve all heard it – “don’t feed stray cats or they’ll hang around forever”. It’s an interesting and rather disturbing testimony to the lack of compassion and the capacity for cruelty a seemingly endless stream of people embraces. People who have no problem with cats who were once owned by humans and probably lived in homes, slept on couches, and played with children at some point in their lives being forced to wander in search of shelter and food... Click here to read the entire letter.

SOS rescued & adopted cats

These beautiful, socialized, once semi-feral cats have all been adopted into loving homes ...

Click the image on the right to visit our "Foster & Adopt" page and view a photographic show of these lucky animals.


"My passion for helping feral cats started when I rescued a tiny black kitten from a feral colony.
Within a few days Ebony May became the most affectionate lap cat. She is the love of my life, second only to my husband of course.
I have promised her that I will help as many feral kitties as possible ..."
Kathy ~ Spay our Strays

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